Tribe WOD Weighted Vest Deep Dive

Are you looking to build muscle, lose weight and increase your cardiovascular health and fitness? If so, a weighted vest might be the perfect piece of fitness equipment for you! 

A weighted vest is a piece of fitness equipment that is worn over the torso and contains pockets or compartments where small weights can be added or removed. It is used to add extra resistance to bodyweight exercises, such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, and more. By adding weight to the body, the intensity of the exercises increases, leading to greater strength and conditioning gains.

There are a lot of weighted vests on the market, but if you want the highest quality weighted vest available, look no further than the Tribe WOD weighted vest!

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The Tribe WOD weighted vest will raise your training endurance to the next level and build additional muscle mass. This extra-durable and high-quality training vest made of Oxford 600D Nylon with waterproof treatment is designed to stay close to the athlete's body and avoid unnecessary movement without putting too much pressure on the torso. Read more about the Tribe WOD weighted vest features below.

  • SUPPORTED WEIGHTS: The Tribe WOD tactical workout vest is designed to support a pair of steel plates from W10.5 x H11.5 inches, ranging in weight from 5.75 up to 13.75 lbs per plate. Can carry up to 30lbs / 14kg.

  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTED VEST: The Tribe WOD tactical workout vest fits every size athlete due to its 2 different side straps and adjustability on the shoulders. Our tactical vest is designed to intensify your strength and endurance, and build more muscles.

  • HIGHLY COMFORTABLE & BEST FIT: Yoke shoulder pads reduce friction, adjustable tensional bands improve stability, and innovative airflow channels and aerospace mesh ensure sustained comfort.

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL FITNESS: This weighted vest is specifically designed for all training movements. Running, jumping, pull-ups, handstand push-ups, handstand walks, and more!


  • CUSTOM ACCESSORIES & FRONT POCKET: The front and back of the vest have a Molle-type Velcro finish which allows you to place reflective patches and lights wherever you want. We have also included a large pocket on the front to put your phone, keys, and other items

  • 8 WEIGHTED VEST DESIGNS: The Tribe WOD weighted vest comes in 8 stylish designs, allowing you to customize your weighted vest workout look. Designs include Ash Grey, Urban Dark, Camo Forest, Black Snake, Camo Jungle, Camo Polar, Camo Pink and Camo Mangrove.

So you are ready to commit to your physical health and start training with a weight vest. Now it’s time for step 2, FINDING WORKOUTS. 

Here is a great weighted vest workout for beginners to get you started. Follow along with Coach Marcus Martinez to learn some basic but effective weighted vest exercises for beginners. Be sure to challenge yourself and PUT IN WORK! 

You can find tons of other weighted vest exercises and workouts for both beginners and advanced weighted vest users on the Tribe WOD YouTube channel. ( YouTube Hyperlink ) 

Armed with weighted vest education and an endless resource for weighted vest exercises and workouts, there is no better time to start your weighted vest journey with the Tribe WOD weighted vest.

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If you will be sharing your workouts on social media, be sure to tag any Tribe WOD social media account and use #TribeWOD ! We are always happy to consider sharing quality fitness content anytime our products are being used.

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