35lbs plate sledgehammer
35lbs plate sledgehammer

35lbs plate sledgehammer

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Interchangeable weight plates for the TribeWOD Sledgehammer.

Add some extra difficulty to your workouts, and bring your power and strength to the next level. Once mounted on the rubber head, these two plates take the overall weight of the TribeWOD Sledgehammer to 35lbs.


  • SOLD as pairs
  • Material: Powder-coated steel
  • Tool type: training/conditioning

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Odin's Hammer

I love this product my only issue is that the 35 lb plate add on the nut for the bolts would not fit in the holes, So I took it to a machine shop, and had to have them open up the size of the holes to allow it to fit. I think you should have checked this out before it was sold. As I see other people have had a similar issue. I have a lot of your equipment in my Gym and I am very pleased with them this has been my only issue.

Nuts too big

Plates fit great within the head of the hammer. Bolts are long enough to secure the plates. However, the nuts are too wide to fit inside the plate

Christopher Green
Bought the weight add on, doesn't fit

I love the hammer, however I ordered the 35 pound add on, but only one add on weight came (I think its supposed to be a pair) AND the screws aren't long enough to attach it. So the hammer is 5 stars, but thebattachment is 1-star.

Groundskeeper Willie
What an ordeal

I ordered these add on plates to enhance my Odin Sledgehammer. When the product arrived, I immediately went out to my garage to secure them to my sledgehammer. It took all of about two minutes to realize that the bolts included with my weights were not long enough to secure them to my hammer. They fell about an inch short. I reached out to Tribe WOD and was advised that they did not have the necessary bolts in stock, so they directed me to a local hardware store. I was told that I would be reimbursed for the cost of the bolts. I did as instructed and could not locate an exact match for the bolts included with the weights. I grabbed the closest thing I could find and went home hoping that they would work. Thankfully, I made it work and Tribe WOD was quick to reimburse me. I now love my Odin Sledgehammer, but cant believe that Tribe WOD is still selling a product that doesnt come with the proper hardware. I learned through my ordeal, that this was a known problem. I believe that Tribe WOD should make these add on plates "temporarily unavailable" until the problem is fully resolved. Tribe WOD if your listening, please iron out the wrinkles and perfect this product...the potential is there!! I also strongly suggest that you explore making heavier add on plates. If I could get my hammer to be heavier than 35 lbs., it would be a 10 star product.

Good fit, improper attachment hardware

The allen head cap bolts were too short, and the included nuts wouldnt fit into the holes cast into the weights.Theres really no excuse for this after manufacturing the weights for this length of time. Unsatisfactory quality control, and Tribe WOD told me to go and get the correct bolts, and theyd refund me the money for them. Thats all great, but I expected to be able to use the weights immediately. Plus, longer bolts will not solve the problem, as they are 3/4 nuts, and the nuts will not fit the holes in the weights.I solved the problem by using smaller diameter bolts which use 11/16 nuts. These will fit into the holes.I believe that Tribe is still sending out the weights with the wrong bolts.Bad design, and worse quality control.



******* SICK

They will be life long tools!

Alexander B.
Los Angeles, CA


Looks and feels awesome

United States


Arrived quickly and properly packed.

Claire B.
Austin, Texas