Affiliate Program


Interested in joining our Tribe WOD Affiliate program?

Thank you for considering our Affiliate program.  As our brand name, Tribe, suggests, we believe success is achieved through group effort. As we continue to expand our product offering, our Affiliate program has experienced great success with early adopters and we are excited to continue growing our network.

Right now, our Affiliates earn a 5% commission on all sales made under their name.

Here is how you can succeed as a Tribe WOD Affiliate:

  1. Create an Account

  2. Post regularly and with predictable frequency. The more active your accounts are, the more likely your posts interest a broader audience. 
  3. Access our new Tribe WOD Media kit via the Affiliate dashboard to utilize our library of professional images for social media posting. Attractive images are an effective way to capture potential customers scrolling through their social media feed.
  4. Write your Affiliate link and unique code in every post caption.  Every person who views your posts can quickly and easily find their way to the product page and get a discount on their purchase. 

Grow your earnings potential via new product drops as well as our most popular items! Best sellers include: 

  1. Odin Sledgehammer
  2. Urban Dark V2 Weighted Vest
  3. Thor Kettlebell Series

Does this sound good to you?  Then let's get started, together...