Collector Edition
Limited availability
Collector edition

These THOR hammers are exclusively produced in USA for TRIBE WOD fans and investors. They are produced in a limited number of 10 pieces per weight category, with engraved serial number and signed by our founder / designer Alex Vitet.


This exclusive collection is born as a celebration for being one of the fastest growing Fitness company in 2020, and after being acquired in just a year of operation.

Finish type

The Collector Edition is the most exquisite THOR hammers collection ever and is made from three types of heavy 2.5 microns plating layer on a stainless steel body:

Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Silver.

Each piece is made in USA and delivered with it's own certificate of authenticity from our certified manufacturer and comes in a custom designed box.

24K Yellow Gold
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22K Rose Gold
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six Available

The collection showcases 6 different weights ranging from 15lb to 70lb.

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Become the first owner of these super rare Thor Hammers on OpenSea , the peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs. Our project includes 18 exclusive Hammers with unlockable content.

With each acquisition, you own a valued NFT that will grow over time as we grow and we are rewarding you with the production of a unique piece of Art that will also grow in value overtime. One investment, double gain opportunity.


Given to Charity
giving back
20% to charity

By purchasing one of our luxury hammers, you participate in helping Adaptive Athletes and Special Forces Soldiers and their families with emergency, immediate, and ongoing support.

20% of the sales from this project are donated to the Adaptive training foundation and the US green beret foundation.