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Thor Kettlebell Series

408 customer reviews

Our new Kettlebell / Hammer type is capable of a wide range of motion like power snatches, various swings, cleans and jerks, farmer's carry, thrusters, power cleans, hammer curls, gobelet squats and so much more...


thor hammer specifications

408 Customer reviews

Average 5 rating

Taylor T.



I’m blown away by this kettlebell. It feels like great quality and was delivered without any cosmetic issues. I was also impressed with the shipping speed after reading some of the other reviews that mentioned super long delivery times. It’s incredible how different the weight distribution feels with this kettlebell—I ordered the 25 lb one and it feels like wayyyy more than 5 lbs heavier than the regular 20 lb I’m used to working with. I’m looking forward to using it and trying some different exercises with different muscle focus!

Spencer S.


Great Kettlebell!

I love the Thor Kettlebell. The design definitely adds intensity to your workout. I recommend starting at a low weight and buying a set.

Matt N.


Strength and Style

Beautiful pieces of equipment. I can already feel my grip and overall strength improving. 2 X15# Thors' are so versatile and cool. Fast shipping an A+

James S.


God of thunder – where is your hammer?

The weight allows for so many different exercises and angles, I highly recommend it over the kettle bell. Not that I got rid of my traditional kettlebells. However if I had to choose, it would be the hammer. It is well-made and solid. Feels like it actually could be utilized as a hammer.

Travis M.


Steel is strong

They are solid.

Brian A.


Got items as describe

Did email after 5 days asking about delivery updates. Got back to me within 24h with the issues and had the delivery update and was sent out and received within 2weeks

Norman S.


My New Body!!!!

I saw the Thor Kettlebell series 25 on my Instagram and fell in love with it. Now it has become part of my daily Regin. I work from home, so throughout the day I do so many different exercises. The transformation thus far is outstanding. Everyone has notice and such a short period of time. I will work my way up for all the Kettlebell series then on to the Odin Hammer. Thank you Tribe Wod you have a new friend for life. Mr. Storm

Jonathan T.


Inspiring dynamic fitness tool

I am loving my Thor kettlebells! They came a little dinged up which was a bit disappointing but in no way effects the function of these amazing tools. I use them EVERYDAY!! Sometimes for a full on workout other times for a quick warm up. I can’t walk by them without picking them up. Thank you all for your creative take on the kettlebell. Seriously inspiring!

Christopher D.


Thor kettlebell magic

All I can say is this hits different then using a dumbbell or kettlebell bell I fell in love with it more in person



Great Kettlebells

Amazing product and great quality. Intend to buy more

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