Bumper plate CORSAIR
Bumper plate CORSAIR
Bumper plate CORSAIR
Bumper plate CORSAIR
Bumper plate CORSAIR
Bumper plate CORSAIR
Bumper plate CORSAIR
Bumper plate CORSAIR
Bumper plate CORSAIR
Bumper plate CORSAIR
Bumper plate CORSAIR

Bumper plate CORSAIR

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At Tribe WOD, we've never believed in being just like everyone else. Rebellious, loud, and ferocious, the Corsair challenges any other basic bumper plate. Made for those that live against the grain, the marauder styling presents an intense aesthetic for athletes existing above the status quo.



  • Material: vulcanized rubber and steel
  • Plate type: training
  • Recommend use: on rubber or nonabrasive surface



  • Diameter: 450 mm
  • Thickness: 35 mm
  • Collar Opening: 50.40 mm
  • Weight: 10 Lbs / 4.5 Kg

25 lbs

  • Diameter: 450 mm
  • Thickness: 45 mm
  • Collar Opening: 50.40 mm
  • Weight: 25 Lbs / 11 Kg

45 lbs

  • Diameter: 450 mm
  • Thickness: 85 mm
  • Collar Opening: 50.40 mm
  • Weight: 45 Lbs / 20 Kg


Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Quality Bumper Plates

Good height and great to deadlift with, Ive been using these bumper plates for months now and really enjoy using them. The green colored paint on the edges has begun to wear off, but the rubber remains in great condition. A worthwhile addition to my home gym setup, the plates slide onto the barbell quite easily. I recommend these, though dont expect the paint to last forever with heavy use.

Benja Shurtleff

I usually dont complain about things because Im grateful to have the ability to afford it but Im not going to spend the money on something that looks used out the box. Its not there fault the boxes were a bit soaked when we got em.The 10s 25s and 45s looked like someone used and then sent them back.I wish I could say these are boss but with the paint flaked off and the dings and what ever chemical is on them I would say unless youre building a pirate themed gym maybe do some more research. And remember this picture cause you might get these in the mail if you purchase them cause I had to return them. The last thing Im trying to here is my inner voice bickering about making better choices with my money.

Quality plates to step up my gym gains.

These plates are good quality and look great at the same time. The crossbone detail is unique and I like the green additive. If you are dropping these on the ground when deadlifting they will get scratched up but gym equipment isnt made to be pretty. They are indeed 25 lbs each as they specify. They are a bit pricey but in my opinion the quality matches.

C. Dean
Plays best with additional bumper plates.

These seem to be fairly standard bumper plate design -- 450mm diameter, with an opening that fits a standard OIympic bar (2inches), though they did seem pretty snug along the bar. The weight on the plates is accurate (10lbs in this case). Theyve also got a skull motif on them, for that "badass look" factor.As other reviewers have mentioned: they do seem rather flexible, perhaps because of how thin they are. I dropped them (on the bar) from waist height several times and they held up well. When I dropped them from chest height they did seem to flex quite a bit (no cracking or damage, though). I didnt try higher than that out of a measure of doubt about whether they could take it or not due to the flexing.That said, I feel I should point out that it seems unlikely that youll be dropping a bar with only 20lbs of weight on it unless youve had some sort of emergency or are being irresponsible. If stacked with other bumper plates the flexibility wouldnt be a concern and Id have full confidence in their durability. Its only alone (and on this 10lbs size) that I have some doubts.These bumper plates seem well made and do in fact have minimal bump on the drop -- which is very important. When dropped these plates barely bounced and didnt go far at all. No going out of control and making a mess or smacking into my shins. They also didnt leave any marks or scuffs on the flooring. Just a clean minimal bump and stop.The plates do seem a bit expensive for the amount of weight youre getting, but thats likely just a part of the premium of the brand, so I wont hold it against them. All in all these seem to be good bumper plates, with my only concern being an issue thats unlikely to actually come up in the course of normal use (why would you need to use bumper plates if youre only adding 20lbs to the bar).So if youre looking for a good bumper plate with a "badass look", here you have it.4/5PS: When you open them, they will stink. A lot. Put them somewhere they can air out for a couple of days and then the smell becomes only noticeable when you are close, much like a tire. Which makes sense, as these use vulcanized rubber.


Nice plates. However, only one fit on my bar the other one is defective and doesnt fit.Not worth having only one good plate



******* SICK

They will be life long tools!

Alexander B.
Los Angeles, CA


Looks and feels awesome

United States


Arrived quickly and properly packed.

Claire B.
Austin, Texas