Latest Shipment Update!


Tribe-Wod Hammer Kettlebell Series


The Tribe-Wod Hammer Kettlebell Series delays are near an end. The backorders are only two weeks away from being caught up. 


This week, the Tribe-Wod Hammer Kettlebell 55 Series are already fulfilled as we receive them. By the end of next week, the Tribe-Wod Hammer Kettlebell 70 Series will be fully catched-up as well. In early June, all present orders for the 25 Series and 35 Series will be completed and delivered to customers.


Thank you for your patience and dedication to Tribe WOD. The Tribe-Wod Hammer Kettlebell Series’ initial conception was to challenge the traditional approach to the kettlebell. We wanted to bring a badass dimension to every athlete’s workout regimen that aids them on their journey to self-betterment. The electric popularity of the Tribe-Wod Hammer Kettlebell Series has shown us that there is a vast community of badasses that we will continue to serve.


Odin Sledgehammer + Corsair Bumper Plates

The Odin Sledgehammer and Corsair Bumper Plates are flagship products we are excited to get into your hands.

We have completed the production for all Pre-Orders and all products have been loaded in shipping containers.

Our transportation partner is experiencing delays with getting inventory to our fulfillment centers. The initial date we expected to receive our inventory was May 15th. According to our transportation partners, we now expect to receive our inventory on July 27th in Los Angeles, CA. We are providing you with the most accurate information available to us. The situation is fluid and is subject to changes outside of Tribe WOD’s control. As the situation develops, we will keep you up to date with information as we receive it. 

These delays are not the ideal customer experience we want for our patrons. We are working diligently with our transportation partner to smooth out these bumps in the road and get your order delivered as soon as possible. Unfortunately, these transportation delays have affected business everywhere -- Tribe WOD being one of them. 

Once your order ships from our fulfillment center, a confirmation email, and a tracking number will be sent to your email address. Thank you for your patience and support in our young company. If you have any questions please reach out to us at