Renegade Jump Rope
Renegade Jump Rope
Renegade Jump Rope
Renegade Jump Rope
Renegade Jump Rope
Renegade Jump Rope
Renegade Jump Rope

Renegade Jump Rope

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 Smooth out double unders and maximize speed, with a bad ass touch. Crafted from aircraft aluminum with an extra durable type III anodizing and soft ergonomics, our new Renegade jump rope has just the right amount of weight and holds sublime in the palm of your hands.



  • NEW Bearing Swivel for omnidirectional movement
  • Handle Length: 6.25” - 16 cm
  • Grip: Fine machined Knurl Texture
  • Cable: 10' Coated 3/32" speed cable. 11' available
  • Jump rope Adjustable end
  • Recommend use on rubber or nonabrasive surface
  • 2.3 mm - Standard speed rope cable
  • 2.3 mm Adjustable Screws


Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews

Works great.

Highest quality I've ever seen

I feel like this pair will last a lifetime. I plan on handing these down to my children. Thanks again.

Great for training.

Great for training. Fit easily in LBT6094A. A little more curvature would be nice but they do the job.

Tyler Forge
Easy cable replacement

Both jump ropes are great and Id be happy with either if I could have only one. If I had to choose one, Id go with the tribe WOD because its going to last forever.The Lecardio is easier to adjust -and- end up with a nice clean jump rope without extra cable length sticking out the handles because the Lecardio cord is easy to cut with a knife or scissors. The entire Lecardio will probably end up in the trash once the cord gets too beat up or breaks. I dont know where or how to get a replacement. Maybe I can replace that cord with a rope. Dunno.The tribe WOD jump rope is certainly higher quality. The cord is actually a plastic sheathed cable which means it is super tough and easy to replace because its easy to find replacement cables wherever you buy hardware. The only pain point is cutting the cable to length because it is a steel cable in there. The ends stick out and can be annoying if you dont cut it. That said, the tribe WOD cable will outlast the Lecardio cord -and- will be easier to replace.

Pretty sweet!

Love these plates! I use these to train for trail running.



******* SICK

They will be life long tools!

Alexander B.
Los Angeles, CA


Looks and feels awesome

United States


Arrived quickly and properly packed.

Claire B.
Austin, Texas